We firmly believe that every child, regardless of socioeconomic background, should have access to basic school materials.

Our Mission

Gears for Success aims  to provide educational supplies to underserved schools. We hope that our efforts will enhance students’ scholastic performance and foster a better learning environment. We  work closely with the school in need to identify the most pertinent issues, and develop a plan to eliminate these obstacles.

As an organization, we are also committed to increasing our students’ access to educational opportunities. We understand the importance of community service and our summer camp will provide an avenue for passionate and talented Guyanese youths to give back to their community.

What We Do

Gears for Success performs a needs assessment for schools in underprivileged communities. We contact the Headteacher, teachers, and students, and ask a series of questions to determine how best we can improve the student’s academic performance. We then work with the school to design a comprehensive plan that will best alleviate some of the barriers to success.

Who We Help

Lack of access to educational supplies can dampen students’ potential and hinder scholastic accomplishments. We recognize that many schools do not have the funds to purchase vital school materials or maintain essential rooms, such as libraries or mathematics rooms. Thus, Gears for Success seeks to provide the necessary school supplies to poorly-resourced schools in Guyana.